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MMi Products About Us

With over fifty years of combined experience in the consumer marketplace, background with all major retailers and supermarkets as well as a passion for discovering innovative new products, the directors at MMi Products created a ambitious specialist sales and marketing firm with big plans for expansion.

We were founded in 2015 by Gordon McRae and have been introducing new products into the US, European and live shopping market. In this short space of time we have already created a diverse portfolio and introduced products to high street stores such as: Lakeland, Asda, Morrison’s and Ideal Shopping Direct.

All of our products are carefully selected, put through a rigorous testing process and we only work with manufacturers that are trustworthy, dependable and ensure every product has all appropriate certification.

MMI has an unparalleled dedication to discovering and bringing new products to the marketplace. We are excited to keep expanding our aim is to become a household name with products in major retailers throughout the UK and Ireland as well as the USA and throughout Europe.

Our expertise in sales and marketing not only benefits our business, it can help yours too. We offer consultancy services for a range of businesses in the sales sector and are committed to bringing our experience and research to your firm and help you build your audience, reach your target market and increase your profits by increasing your exposure. We would especially recommend this service to people looking to set up a business in either the UK or the US as we have a lot of background in both of these markets.

Whether you’re looking to pitch your product to a firm with a real passion for marketing your items; you’re a business looking for advice on your logistics, marketing, product development and anything that could allow you to grow or you’re looking to find new products for your own organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us. From non slip bath & Shower stickers to vacuum cleaners to anything in between or outside, we are excited by high quality products that improve people’s lives.

If you’re an ambitious person with big dreams and you think we’re a team you’d love to work with, get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.